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"Shizuoka Jin" is a monthly English language newsletter for the community and friends of Shizuoka City, Japan.


There is plenty of information on upcoming events, as well as things that are helpful to or can affect the foreign residents of this city.

The original, free print version (based on the Shizuoka City Japanese publication, SHIZUOKA KIBUN) is available at local libraries, community centers, all city & ward offices, SAME & municipal hospitals.

It is published on the first Friday of every month.

This is the Web version. Enjoy!

Shizuoka News ★ October 2018

Multicultural Communication & Experience Fair

A multicultural event will be held in downtown Shizuoka where you can experience the cultures and customs of some of the city’s foreign residents (almost 10,000 people from 82 countries). There will be stage performances, food stalls and much more.
What: Multicultural Communication & Experience Fair
When: 18th November (Sun.), 10:30 am to 3:30 pm (cancelled in case of heavy rain)
Where: Aoba Symbol Road, Fushimiya Bldg. (Gofuku-cho 2-chome)
Who: Everyone is welcome!
How much: Entrance/participation is free, food etc. is for sale
The fair will feature a variety of events and sections, such as:
● A laughter-rousing talk show filled with analytical observations by guest speaker Sunny Francis (two sessions 11:40am & 13:00pm on the main stage; see profile below). 
● Stage performances, including Columbian, Brazilian and Nepalese dances, Hawaiian Hula and Indonesian angklung, and more.
● Stalls featuring Thai, Bengali, Sri Lankan, Philippine, Peruvian, Brazilian and other cuisines.
● “Little World”: Local foreign residents will introduce their home countries and regions, such as Vietnam, Brazil, Philippines Indonesia, Singapore, Inner Mongolia & New Zealand.
● A quiz and stamp rally. Visit booths, collect stamps and win a prize!
● Booths for various local organizations involved in international efforts, such as the Shimizu Nihongo Kōryū-no-Kai, Shimizu West Rotary Club, and more.
● An area where foreign residents can get free consultation on city government services, visa issues, daily life and more. Interpretation available in English, Chinese, Tagalog, Portuguese and Spanish. (Open 12:30 to 15:30 pm)
   *Inquiries: Gender Equality & Multicultural Affairs Division    Tel. 054-221-1503
Inquiries: Shizuoka Association for Multicultural Exchange (SAME), 054-273-5931
Guest Speaker:  Sunny Francis 
 Born in 1964 (54years old) in the Kerala Province and grew     up in Ahmedabad of  West India.  Arrived in Japan in 1986, currently lives in      Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.
Mr. Sunny Francis has worked as a radio personality since 1995 at FM COCOLO, a multilingual radio broadcasting, in charge of  producing Indian Programmes. 
He has also featured in TBS Kokoga Hendayo Nihonjin, and more.    
Free Japanese Training Course for those who wish to seek employment
The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare aims to assist people residing in Japan in acquiring relevant Japanese language qualifications that will be useful in their search for stable employment in Japan.
Level 2   Every Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri 9:00~12:00
Period 30th Oct.2018 ~ 29th Jan.2019
Placement Test 23rd Oct. 9:00 ~
Place: Sunlife Yaizu (3-3-12, Nakaminato, Yaizushi)  * Free Parking Lot Available
Level 2 is for persons who can read and write Hiragana and Katakana and has a little experience in studying Japanese. Let’s study Japanese together if you can communicate with Japanese but are not good at speaking politely. 
Requisite Those who have any of the following status of residence. i.e. “spouse or child of Japanese”, “permanent resident”, “spouse or child of permanent resident” or “long-term resident” are eligible to apply. 
How to apply Please apply at Hello Work (submit an application). Please bring a photograph of yourself (3.0cm ×4.0cm) and ID (Resident card or passport) for application.
Classes may not be held if number of participants do not reach 18. All participants are required to take the placement test to determine Japanese level.  Please note that if test results indicate that none of the course levels would be appropriate for your level, you may be asked to participate in upcoming courses instead.
JICE (Japan International Cooperation Center)  
Niaz Ahmed                       080-4336-0896
Hello Work YAIZU       054‐628‐5155  
The Daidogei World Cup is being held again this year.  Over a 100 groups of Artists from around the world will transform the city of Shizuoka into an outdoor theatre this autumn! Either seeking out your favorite artist or walking around town taking in the performances, ways to enjoy this event are countless.
A “Premium Stage” will be held at Shizuoka City Culture Hall.  World class artists give their best performances filled with cheer, laughter and surprises.  
Citizen clowns will also be actively participating throughout the event.
Please come and enjoy the 4 days of “streets are a theatre” filled with thrills and excitement.
Main Venues & Time
 (changes may occur to details below)
Venue 11/1   (Thurs.) 11/2    (Fri.) 11/3         11/4   (Public hol.) (Sun.)            
Sumpu Castle Park
Performance Spots
              11:30~20:30 11:15~      10:30~
20:30       19:30
Premium Stage at Shizuoka City Culture Hall            11:30~20:30         10:45~
Various performance spots around the city  
12:15~  12:00~
 20:30    20:30
10:45~      10:30~
  20:30        16:30
Road Regulations (“pedestrians paradise”) 
  11/1       11/2
(Thurs.)   (Fri.)
11/3          11/4  
(Public hol.)  (Sun.)      
Gofukucho-dori, Shichikencho-dori,  Gennan-dori,   Aoba-dori,
10:00~          10:00~
21:00             18:00
By Jonan Junior High School      ——–——— 10:00~17:30

2019 Shizuoka Marathon Entry
The 2019 Shizuoka Marathon will be held on February 24th (Sun.). Applications to join will start being accepted this month.
Competition categories
1. Full marathon (42.195km). Capacity: 12,000. Certified by the Japan Association of Athletic Federations.
2. Fun run (11.6km). Capacity: 1,200. *Includes 800 priority entry spots for residents of Shizuoka City.
3. Elementary school student division (1.6km). Capacity: 200 for each grade 4th through 6th.
Entries for the full marathon can be submitted online at from 10:00 am on 6th Oct. (Sat.). The applications will close when capacity has been reached. The entry fee is \10,000 per person.
Entries for the fun run can be submitted online from 10:00 am 1st Oct. (Mon. )  to 4th Oct. (Thurs.) The 800 spots available first to Shizuoka City residents will be filled in the order received. The entry fee is \3,000 per person. Entry fee for  elementary students  is ¥500 per student.
Inquiries: Shizuoka Marathon Executive Committee, 054-251-3369 (open weekdays 10:00 am to 5:30 pm). Division in charge: Sports Exchange Div., 054-221-1037.
Shizuoka Heliport Air Festival 2018
What: Free Helicopter Ride (for elementary school age students and over; selections by lottery), Demonstratory flights by the air force fire brigade, helicopter exhibitions, etc. *Please go to the venue directly.
When: 20th October (Sat.) 9:00am~3:00pm (postponed to 21st (Sun.) in case of rain.)
Where: Shizuoka Heliport (Suwa, Aoi Ward)
Inquiries:  Shizuoka Heliport Liaison Council Tel. 054-265-5500
Division in Charge: Traffic Policy Division Tel. 054-221-1412






Shizuoka Events: October 2018

  Municipal Housing
Applications for entry to Municipal Housing will be accepted. Those who reside or work within the city and have cohabitating family (including fiancée), don’t own a home and have difficulty finding housing are eligible to apply.
❈Other conditions such as income, etc. apply. 
Applications are also being taken for housing complexes for singles.
When: Application period 1st (Mon.) ~ 5th (Fri.) October.
❈ In case of many applications, a lottery will be drawn for allocation.
Inquiries & how to apply: Please call or visit the Shizuoka Public Housing Corp.  (Shizuoka Office - 5fl. Shizuoka City Hall)  Tel. 054-221-1253 or (Shimizu Office 2fl.  Shimizu Ward Office) Tel. 054-354-2238
❈ Application forms, etc. can be picked up at the Public Housing Corp., Information desk of  Suruga Ward Office, Osada Branch Office  and Kambara Branch Offices.
Shizuoka Mottainai CampaignWaste Reduction Campaign

The gross amount of waste produced per citizen per day has decreased in recent years. The city aims to reduce this a further 68g per day within the next 5 years.
These are the 4 R’s that can be put into practice in your home.
Do not receive anything if you do not need it.
● Any excess wrapping.
● Plastic bags by carrying Eco bags.
● Pet bottles by using My bottles.
Reuse redundant items rather than disposing them.
● Utilize items by shopping at recycle shops and free markets.
● Give and get hand-me-down clothing.
Cut down on waste by:
● Purchasing only the amount you need & using up all the ingredients
● Consume all the food  that is served.
● Reduce  raw garbage (kitchen scraps)  by squeezing  out the moisture.
● Purchasing refill packaged products for detergents and compact-sized products.
Recycle resources by classification.
● Intentionally purchase recycled products
● Recycle scrap paper i.e. empty snack and tissue boxes, paper packages for food and daily products, memo paper, etc.

 Garbage Reduction Division                                                                                                   Tel.054-221-1361





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