Who is the CIR, and what does he do? (France) 印刷用ページ


About the CIR (MICE & International Affairs Division)

Starting this year, a French CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) has been appointed to the City of Shizuoka through the JET Programme.

Name: Sébastien François Henri Bonnet
Term of appointment: since August 1, 2016 (yearly re-appointments)
Hometown: Semur-en-Auxois, Burgundy, France

I studied for one year as an exchange student in Okinawa during 2011-12. After attaining a master’s degree at the National Institute for Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Paris) in May 2016, I came to Shizuoka City Hall the following August as a participant on the JET Programme. I am able to speak six languages: French, English, Japanese, Spanish, German and Chinese. Having lived in Europe, Japan, Taiwan and China in the past, I am now involved in efforts to further Shizuoka’s international relations.

Main Duties

The main duties of the French CIR include furthering Shizuoka’s sister city relations, especially with Cannes, France; promoting Shizuoka to Europe in general and France in particular as a tourist destination and international conference site; and engaging in a variety of tasks related to Shizuoka’s international relations, such as translation, interpretation, participation in international conferences, and assistance for guests from overseas.

Sébastien Bonnet works in the MICE & International Affairs Division on the 17th floor of Shizuoka City Hall.




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