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Shizuoka News ★ March 2018

City Hall Hours Extended
To accommodate higher traffic during the period between fiscal/academic years, City Hall, Ward Offices and Branch Offices will be open longer hours Sat. March 24 through Tue. April 3. Normally open 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. on weekdays, during these 11 days the hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
Those moving in or out of Shizuoka City must visit their ward office’s Resident Registration and Insurance & Pension Divisions. Those with children will also need to visit the Childcare Support Division. Locations and phone numbers for all of these divisions are on the back page.
For those moving out of Shizuoka City: please visit your ward office’s Resident Registration division approx. two weeks prior to leaving. Bring your residence card or  special permanent resident certificate,  national health insurance card (if applicable) and for students, your student ID and certificate of acceptance (gōkakushō). If you are moving elsewhere in Japan, you will be given a certificate of change of address (tenshutsu shōmeisho) which you must bring to the city/ward offices of your new place of residence in order to register your new address.
For those moving in to Shizuoka City: Please visit your ward office’s Resident Registration division within two weeks of moving. Bring your residence card or special permanent resident certificate, My Number (notification) card, and certificate of change of address (tenshutsu shōmeisho) which you received at the city/ward office of your previous place of residence.
For those moving elsewhere within Shizuoka City: Please visit your ward office’s Resident Registration division within two weeks of moving. Bring your residence card or special permanent resident certificate, national health insurance card (if applicable), and medical care for elderly over 75 insurance card (if applicable).
City Hall, Ward Offices and Branches will be very busy during these times, making parking lots highly congested. Visitors are advised to use public transportation wherever possible. To avoid long lines, it is generally a good idea to plan your visit between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. The weekend will also be comparatively less crowded than weekdays.
Inquiries about moving in/out of Shizuoka City, family registers, registering a personal seal, etc.: please call your ward’s Resident Registration division
Inquiries about national health insurance, national pension, and medical insurance for elderly over 75: please call your ward’s Insurance & Pension division
Inquiries about child benefits, childcare allowance, medical fee subsidies for single-mother households, and child medical fee subsidies: please call your ward’s Childcare Support division
Route 150 Improvements
Route 150, the highway that stretches along Suruga Bay in Shizuoka City, will have two major improvements made this month.
Nakajima Elevated Bridge
Chronic traffic problems plague the Nakajima intersection on Route 150. By constructing an elevated bridge:
● Traffic can be dispersed and traffic jams alleviated
● Oversize trucks will be guided to use the bridge, making the intersection safer for pedestrians while reducing noise and exhaust
● Access will be improved to sightseeing locations such as Kunozan Toshogu and Miho no Matsubara, bringing more tourists to the area
● Emergency access in the event of a natural disaster will be improved
Inquiries: Suruga Road Maintenance Div., 054-221-1735
Komagoe-Fujimi Line joins Shimizu Bypass
The Komagoe-Fujimi Line (Pref. Road 198), which serves as a North-South artery for Shimizu Ward, will be connected to Route 150 Shimizu Bypass. This will:
● Make the roads safer and more convenient to use
● Alleviate traffic at the Komagoe Higashi-cho Intersection, which has had chronic traffic issues
● Improve access to sightseeing locations such as Nihondaira and Miho no Matsubara
● Strengthen the road network in event of natural disaster
Inquiries: Shimizu Road Maintenance Div., 054-354-2204
Higashi-Shizuoka Area Replotting Finished
The project to replot the land around JR Higashi-Shizuoka Sta. and create a new urban hub for Shizuoka City has been completed.
As part of a joint project between the City of Shizuoka and Shizuoka Prefecture, called the “New City Center Construction Project,”  approx. 20.8 hectares of land were acquired from a national railway liquidation outfit, and construction carried out over 25 years since 1993. Infrastructure development done through land replotting, such as the construction of Granship, Higashi-Shizuoka Sta., Higashi-Shizuoka Bridge and other projects, is finished.
Looking toward to the future, this land replotting will be used as a checkpoint to realize “Shizuoka, shining on the world stage,” one of the pillars of the city’s 3rd General Plan. Efforts are underway to turn this area into a hub of education and culture boasting urban functionality for exchange, information sharing, and more. Watch this space!
Inquiries: Urban Redevelopment Div., 054-221-1418
 Shimizu Hospital Begins “LDR”
Municipal Shimizu Hospital is in the middle of a five-year process, lasting to 2020, to renovate its hospital buildings. This fiscal year, the maternity wards and pediatric wards were refurbished, with a new “private delivery room” (“LRD room”) opened in the former and “child observation room” opened in the latter. This is Shimizu ward’s only perinatal period medical system, boosting “soft” and “hard” elements with improved emergency response and coordination with the pediatric ward.
“LDR” stands for Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and  means that all these aspects of childbirth take place in the same room.
The private delivery room (LRD room): A hospital room equipped with medical equipment, the bed turns into a delivery table at the time of delivery, and returns to being a bed after delivery is over. It can also be used for post-birth recovery and overnight stays.
For that reason, it can reduce the physical and mental stress associated with moving to the delivery room at the time of birth. As it can also store all medical equipment out of sight at times outside of birth, it creates a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.
Iwaizen are fancy Japanese meals often served to mothers after giving birth. Shimizu Hospital has revamped its typical post-birth meals as well as the iwaizen served to new mothers.
As a congratulatory gift, the hospital gives families imprints of the baby’s feet and a box with a piece of the umbilical cord. Families will also receive a disaster readiness kit that includes diapers, milk and more for their baby.
Inquiries: Municipal Shimizu Hospital, 054-336-1111 (front desk)
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Inquiries: Public Relations Div., 054-221-1021




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