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Shizuoka News ★ October 2018

Municipal Housing
Applications for entry to Municipal Housing will be accepted. Those who reside or work within the city and have cohabitating family (including fiancée), don’t own a home and have difficulty finding housing are eligible to apply.
❈Other conditions such as income, etc. apply. 
Applications are also being taken for housing complexes for singles.
When: Application period 1st (Mon.) ~ 5th (Fri.) October.
❈ In case of many applications, a lottery will be drawn for allocation.
Inquiries & how to apply: Please call or visit the Shizuoka Public Housing Corp.  (Shizuoka Office - 5fl. Shizuoka City Hall)  Tel. 054-221-1253 or (Shimizu Office 2fl.  Shimizu Ward Office) Tel. 054-354-2238
❈ Application forms, etc. can be picked up at the Public Housing Corp., Information desk of  Suruga Ward Office, Osada Branch Office  and Kambara Branch Offices.
 Shizuoka Mottainai CampaignWaste Reduction Campaign

The gross amount of waste produced per citizen per day has decreased in recent years. The city aims to reduce this a further 68g per day within the next 5 years.
These are the 4 R’s that can be put into practice in your home.

Do not receive anything if you do not need it.
● Any excess wrapping.
● Plastic bags by carrying Eco bags.
● Pet bottles by using My bottles.
Reuse redundant items rather than disposing them.
● Utilize items by shopping at recycle shops and free markets.
● Give and get hand-me-down clothing.

Cut down on waste by:
● Purchasing only the amount you need & using up all the ingredients
● Consume all the food  that is served.
● Reduce  raw garbage (kitchen scraps)  by squeezing  out the moisture.
● Purchasing refill packaged products for detergents and compact-sized products.

Recycle resources by classification.
● Intentionally purchase recycled products
● Recycle scrap paper i.e. empty snack and tissue boxes, paper packages for food and daily products, memo paper, etc.

Garbage Reduction Division                                                                                                        Tel.054-221-1361





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