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Shizuoka News ★ November 2017

Care for Dementia Sufferers
As the elderly population continues to grow, so does the number of those suffering from dementia. The City of Shizuoka is engaged in various efforts to respect the wishes of dementia patients and ensure they can live out their lives in the comfort of the home and neighborhood they are familiar with. Below are a few examples.
Shizuoka Orange Cafés
Shizuoka Orange Cafés are places for dementia patients to gather, one aim of which is to reduce the burden of care on family members. Patients can enjoy conversation while sipping green tea at any of the 25 Orange Cafés citywide.
Dementia Treatment Centers
Dementia experts diagnose, analyze, and decide early treatment for the City of Shizuoka, which in turn designates dementia treatment centers for citizens to use for consultation. If you want a different diagnosis or have a question about dementia, please inquire to one of the centers below. Please be aware that, to be treated at a center, you need a recommendation from your family physician.
Name of Center Location Phone Number
Shizuoka Institute of Epilepsy and Neurological Disorders Urushiyama, Aoi Ward 054-246-4608
LYRE Mizoguchi Hospital Naganuma, Aoi Ward 054-261-4165
Shimizu Hospital Miyakami, Shimizu Ward 054-336-1230
Sign Up for “Dementia Shizumail”
When dementia sufferers get lost, emails are sent out to ensure that they are found ASAP. Please sign up and help us provide better care for those with dementia.
● Send a blank email to
● The registration site URL will be emailed to you; please follow it to register.
*If you fear a family member may go missing, you can register in advance on Dementia Shizumail. Please inquire at your local Integrated Community Care Center.
Ask the Early-Stage Dementia Intensive Support Team
“They don’t accept their illness…”, “They won’t go to a hospital…” Have you ever had such worries about a dementia sufferer in your family?
If so, ask the Early-Stage Dementia Intensive Support Team. They will visit the patient and their family, and dementia support doctors and experts from the Dementia Treatment Center will provide appropriate care.
Inquiries: Integrated Community Care Development Team, 054-221-1192
Smuggling Prevention
Many cases of smuggling illegal drugs, such as stimulants, start with a seemingly innocent request. There have even been cases of people smuggling gold bars into Japan with the idea that it was just a part-time job.
Examples of such requests include:
● “Can you bring some luggage/souvenirs from (country) with you?”
● “Don’t worry about airfare and travel costs; I need you to go to (country) for me”
● “I’m going to send you a package, can you let me know your address?”
If you have been requested in such a fashion, please contact the Nagoya Customs Office. Customs requests all residents in Japan to provide tips on drugs, guns, counterfeit goods, terrorism, etc.
Customs Smuggling Hotline: 0120-461-961 (toll-free; open 24 hours/day)
School Loans
Single-parent households with children who are planning to or are already enrolled in high school/university, and are having difficulty paying school fees, are eligible to receive loans for such costs. Please be aware that screenings apply and there are limits on loan amounts.
For more details, please contact the Childcare Support Division in your ward office. Please be aware that the parent should be the one who contacts. Calls will start being accepted from Fri. Dec. 1.
Aoi Ward: 054-221-1093
Suruga Ward: 054-287-8674
Shimizu Ward: 054-354-2120
Gambling Addiction Help
The Mental Health & Welfare Center has started accepting applications for a free gambling addiction consultation and recovery program.
Inquiries: MH&W Center, 054-262-3011
Afterschool Kids Club
Afterschool kids clubs are provided at numerous elementary schools throughout Shizuoka City. For dual-income families in which neither parent can be at home until the evening, children can stay at school after classes finish and play with other kids and study until their parents come and pick them up. Applications will be accepted from Mon. Nov. 6 through Mon. Dec. 4. Please be aware that it may not be possible to enroll your child if the number of applicants exceeds openings.
Days open: Mon. through Sat. (except for national holidays and the New Year’s holidays). Open during summer, winter, and spring breaks, as well. Clubs in Shimizu Ward are closed on Sat. (except for Kambara and Yui)
Hours: 12:00-7:00 p.m. on days elementary school is in session, 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. on days it is not (certain clubs in Shimizu are only open until 6:00 p.m.)
Cost: \9,500/month for clubs in Aoi or Suruga Ward, and the Kambara Higashi and Yui areas of Shimizu Ward. The cost is \7,500/month for clubs in Shimizu Ward besides Kambara Higashi and Yui. The cost is \12,000 for March and \14,000 for August for clubs in Aoi and Suruga Ward. These costs may differ for clubs in Shimizu Ward.
To apply: Applications will be distributed starting Mon. Nov. 6, and are due by Mon. Dec. 4.
For Aoi and Suruga Wards, please submit your application directly to the club of your choice, or the City of Shizuoka Social Welfare Council (Jonai-cho, Aoi Ward, inside the Central Welfare Center).
For Shimizu Ward, please submit your application directly to the club of your choice (applications for Kambara Higashi and Yui can also be accepted by the Central Welfare Center).
Applications can be picked up at any Kids’ Club, the City of Shizuoka Social Welfare Council, the Youth Affairs Division, Ward Offices’ Childcare Support Division, the Kambara Branch, or downloaded from the City of Shizuoka homepage (
Inquiries: Youth Affairs Division, 054-354-2604
Emergency Dental Center Hours Change
Due to an electrical system check, the reception time for Sun. Nov. 12 will change to 10:00 a.m. (subject to change depending on progress of work). Thank you for your understanding.
Inquiries: Health & Medical Care Div., 054-221-1549




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