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Shizuoka Events: February 2018

“Suruga’s Hakuin” Exhibit
An art exhibit to commemorate 250 years since the death of Hakuin will be held at Shizuoka City Museum of Art (Koya-machi, Aoi ward).
What: An old saying goes, “There are two great things in Suruga: The mountain in Fuji and Hakuin in Hara.” Hakuin (1685-1768) was a Buddhist priest renowned for reviving the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism and spreading Zen among the masses. Born in what is now Numazu, Hakuin was also highly skilled at painting and calligraphy. This exhibition features 135 of his works under one roof, most of them made when he was in his 60s and older, and traces the  history of his paintings and their influence on art during the Edo period.
When: Sat. Feb. 10 to Sun. March 25, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily (last entrance at 6:30 p.m.)
How much: \1,200 general admission, \800 for HS/university students & seniors over 70, free for JHS students and younger. Persons with a disability handbook, etc. and one caretaker can enter free.
Inquiries: SCMA, 054-273-1515
Multicultural Fair
The 3rd “Ibunka Communication Taiken Fair,” a multicultural festival, was planned to be held last October 22nd on Aoba Symbol Road, but was cancelled due to an approaching typhoon. It will be held in early March instead, at S-Pulse Dream Plaza.
When: Sunday, March 4th, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (will be held if light rain, cancelled if heavy rain)
Where: 1st-floor S-Pulse Square/2nd-floor rental space Uminohako at S-Pulse Dream Plaza (Irifune-cho, Shimizu ward)
What: World culture booths, ethnic cuisine, stage performances, native garb dress-up, local organization and action booths, and more
How much: Entrance is free
Inquiries: Please see the Shizuoka Association for Multicultural Exchange (SAME) website or Facebook page for more details, or call them at 054-273-5931
Child Photography Seminar 
“Bucchigiri Kodomo Photo: A Class Where Anyone Can Learn How to Take Great Photos of Their Kids”
What: This is a photography class for anyone who has ever wanted to take better pictures of their children for posting on social media and blogs. This is a valuable chance to get advice from a professional on everything from points when shooting to how to use your camera, and take part in a shooting lesson. The photographer is Masahiko Sugiyama, a resident of Shizuoka City known for using unique ways to take dramatic shots of everyday life.
When: Sun. March 18, 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. (reception starts from 12:30 p.m.)
Where: Granship (2-3-1 Higashi-Shizuoka, Suruga ward)
How much: Free
To apply: Call the Youth Affairs Div. starting from Fri. Feb. 9. The number is 054-354-2603.
Who: 80 people who post stories about raising kids on social media/blogs, or who plan to
Childcare: Free childcare during the seminar is available for 30 kids not yet of school age. Please be aware that they will be models for shooting photos.
What to bring: A camera (smartphones are fine, but single-reflex and compact cameras are recommended)
Inquiries: Youth Affairs Div., 054-354-2603
Student-Planned Bus Tour
2nd-year students at Shizuoka municipal Higashi Junior High School have linked up with Shizutetsu Travel Co. to plan a bus tour and career experience opportunity.
This effort is part of “Shizuoka Studies,” or learning about local characteristics, that is part of “Shizuoka-style integrated ES-JHS education” which starts in the 2022 academic year. Under the theme “Shizuoka Studies,” the aim is to develop human resources that love Shizuoka and can share what makes it great.
Eight teams comprised of 2nd– and 3rd-year JHS students presented their bus tour plans to a panel comprised of a deputy mayor, the superintendent of education, travel agency representatives, and more. The best plan has been made into a real travel package.
“Let’s Eat Shizuoka’s Famous Foods”
Course: Sekibeya (Abekawa mochi sweets), Oyaizu Seicha (factory tour and tasting), Kunoya (making Ichigo Daifuku), Shimizu Port cruising/lunch (tricolor boat bento), Yamanashi Canning (tuna cannery tour), Yui Fishing Port (making kuro-hanpen, watching video of sakura shrimp catching)
When: Sat. March 24, Wed. March 28, 9:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Where: Gather at JR Shizuoka Sta.
Who: 20 people for each tour
How much: \18,000 per person
To apply: Call Shizutetsu Travel Co. at 054-252-2306 until Fri. Feb. 23. Lottery held if number of applicants exceeds spaces.
Inquiries: School Education Div., 054-354-2521




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