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English-Language Resources

Here you will find links to PDFs of various English-language notices, guides, etc. published by the City of Shizuoka. The list is updated regularly, so please check back again in the future.

"Notice Regarding Persons Required to Declare Resident Tax"
Municipal Tax Division
February 2017

"Shizuoka City: A Global Capital for Models"
Industry Promotion Division
February 2017

"Student Financial Aid System for the 2017-18 (H29) School Year"
Education Affairs Division
February 2017

"Heading Out to See Nature" (Southern Alps PR Video)
Environmental Policy Division
January 2017

"2017 Shopping Map: The Central Area of Shizuoka and Shimizu"
Commerce & Labor Division
January 2017

"Aid Program for Child Medical Expenses"
Child Home Affairs Division
September 2016

Water & Sewerage Bureau building pamphlet
Waterworks Affairs Division
June 2016

"Trash Collection Guide (Aoi/Suruga)"
"Trash Collection Guide (Shimizu)"
Garbage Collection Division
April 2016

"Shizuoka City Nursing Care Insurance"
Nursing Care Insurance Division
March 2016

"Shizuoka Guide" (restaurant guide for foreign visitors)
Tourism & City Relations Division
October 2015

"Minami-Alps Biosphere Reserve"
Environmental Policy Division
August 2015

"Shizuoka City's BR Project: Minami-Alps Biosphere Reserve"
Environmental Policy Division
June 2014

"The Wonders of the Southern Alps: A Place Full of Life!"
Environmental Policy Division
May 2014





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