Who is the CIR, and what does he do?(America) 印刷用ページ


Info about the CIR

Name: David Rinehart
Term of appointment: from April 1, 2014
Hometown: Spokane, Washington, USA
I came to Japan for the first time in August 2006 on the JET Programme, after graduating from University of San Francisco the previous May. I’ve lived in Japan ever since. Through my experiences working at elementary, junior high and senior high schools, as well as the Shizuoka Prefectural Offices and a private company, I’ve met a broad swath of Japanese and foreigners alike. Through my current work at the Shizuoka City Hall, I’m working in relation to multicultural affairs and MICE in Shizuoka City.

So what is a CIR?

CIR stands for Coordinator for International Relations, or kokusai-kouryuuin in Japanese. The main responsibilities of the CIR are translation and interpretation. For example, translating documents relating to sister city relations, translating emails to and from various organizations, interpreting for the mayor at events or meetings etc.
There is also international exchange with residents of Shizuoka City. Every year, the CIR makes around 60 visits to city kindergartens, preschools and lifelong learning centers. The idea is that, through introducing America’s nature, culture and lifestyle, we can help foster a broad international perspective in people.

Shizuoka City CIR David Rinehart works on the 15th floor of the Shizuoka City Hall, in the Gender Equality and Multicultural Affairs Division.




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