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Welcome to the Shizuoka CIR Page!


 As a representative of foreigners living in Shizuoka City,

I would like to introduce some of the ways in which Shizuoka City interacts with the world at large.



As of October 2018, Shizuoka City has about 9,600 foreign residents from around 80 countries living in Aoi, Suruga and Shimizu Wards. The largest numbers of people come from China, (South) Korea and The Philippines.
Be sure to check  here each month to read Shizuoka Jin, a monthly English-language newsletter which features events and news of interest to foreigners living in the city.
Shizuoka City offers a plethora of resources for its residents, regardless of nationality. You probably already knew that at City Hall you can register as a citizen, inquire about tax/pension payments, turn in a marriage certificate and so on. But did you also know that there are regularly free opportunities to consult with specialists on a huge variety of topics, such as child-rearing, civil rights, alcoholism and mental health in relation to the workplace? Shizuoka City Hall is a great place to start when seeking help for any problems you might have. Of course, any consultation at City Hall is carried out in Japanese, but as long as their schedules allow the CIR can assist you as an interpreter. Please call ahead to Gender Equality and Multicultural Affairs Department (054-221-1303) to speak to the CIR and discuss your options. Please understand that interpretation assistance can only be provided at the Shizuoka Building of the Shizuoka City Hall (in other words, Aoi-kuyakusho and not Suruga-kuyakusho or Shimizu-kuyakusho).
Two more useful resources for foreigners living in Shizuoka City are the Shizuoka Association for Multicultural Exchange (SAME) and the Shizuoka Association for International Relations (SIR). The SAME website can be found  here and the SIR website  here. Both sites offer information helpful to foreigners adjusting to life in the city, prefecture and Japan at large. They also regularly update the site with information on Japanese language classes and cultural exchange events, so be sure to check back regularly.






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